Sophie Bargmann

Sophie Bargmann

She worked for one-of-a-kind art gallery The House of ABABA, delves into contemporary art as a writer, and recently founded her own creative agency called gem. And that’s not even all. Rotterdam-based young creative Sophie Bargmann basically breathes ambition. Time to get in touch with Sophie, who currently shines in the brand new Cityscapes campaign by basematters.

Let’s start out frank! Where does all that ambition stem from?
Well, you need to aspire to something! I always have my eyes open, look for opportunities and am very solution-driven. I also think a lot of repetition and sticking to your guns are incredibly important. A lot of people don’t understand what I do exactly—but I don’t see that as a problem. Continue to do what you do, listen to your gut, don’t waver, and people come around to you.


Can you tell us about your latest concept ADDITORS?

As a journalist I listened to so many inspiring stories and wrote articles on art and society. I wanted to present these stories in a new way, so I created the video platform ADDITORS together with Felix Kops and a team of friends. We want to capture ideas and stories from different cultures and people all over the world.

It's important to me that every component in my house tells its own story.

You’ve taken and given a look into the curious minds of artists like Silvia B. and Sevdaliza. Do you have a favourite episode or character so far?

I can’t compare any of the characters involved in ADDITORS. We connect with an expanding network of inspirational individuals who all add something unique.


Who would be your ultimate person to make a portrait of?
For the sake of it: The Fat Jew. My ultimate distraction!

You’re currently being featured in the Cityscapes campaign as someone who shapes her own creative environment. What does that mean to you?
Sounds so cool! Experiences, travelling, and a collection of work by friends and family heritage shape my environment. And I move a lot; I like the feeling of not knowing where I’ll be next year.


How does your home relate to your creativity? Is it a breeding ground for new great ideas, or rather a place of complete retreat?
My home is tidy but chaotic, contradictory and styled instinctively. I guess it’s a representation of me.


How would you capture yourself and what you do in a single phrase?

What unifies things for me is a passion for quality that has to strike both high and low culture.