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 605,00 incl. VAT

| By Van Tjalle en Jasper
| Produced in The Netherlands
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Van Tjalle en Jasper designed a modular table of high quality materials: the Rhombus.
The geometrical shapes allow you to create your personally designed table. Size and shale are easily adaptable to your individual interior wishes.


The easy assembly system will give you the opportunity to quickly dismantle or re-shape the table. With a very intelligent click on system for the legs of the table. The original inspiration for the designers was to develop a table for multi functional purposes with an estetic point of view.


There are two versions available:

Rhombus Fenix: the variation made out of a super opaque nanotech material. Colours: Bromo, Londra and Efeso.

Rhombus HPL: the historical Abet Laminati-finish designed in the sixties characterizes the Rhombus HPL. Colour available in three shades of green.


Price: €605,00 per Rhombus-shape plus one leg. Minimal order: 3 shapes.