Schoon den Boer

Schoon den Boer

For those working in The Netherlands’ fashion or design sector, the names of Jan Schoon and Martijn den Boer have a more than familiar ring. Joining forces almost five years ago under the schoon den boer moniker, this optimistic twosome communicates on behalf of established, as well as emerging brands. But what does the everyday life of PR agents actually embody? Say hello to the power duo behind the agency.


For those who have no clue who you are or what you do: what exactly is schoon den boer PR?

schoon den boer is a small PR agency that concentrates on fashion- and design-related clients and projects. We founded the agency in 2011, because we felt the need to approach PR in a different fashion—pun intended. We strive to be more clear and simple about the way we communicate with press, stylists and influencers about the clients we’re collaborating with. Rather than focussing on trends and fashion frills, we concentrate on linking all communication to the intentions and character of our clients. Over the last four years we’ve created a portfolio of brands and projects that we’re proud of—including fashion brands such as & Other Stories, Weekday, Schueller de Waal and moniquevanheist, museums such as Museum Arnhem and Het Nieuwe Instituut and international e-tailer


What does an “ordinary” day at your showroom look like?

To be honest, we don’t have a fixed daily scheme; not one day of our four-year collaboration has been the same! But to give you an idea of a few returning ingredients: meeting journalists or stylists in- and outside the office, writing press releases and content plans, organising fashion presentations and shows, and setting up collaborations for our clients. One element comes back every single day: we love to take a good hour for having lunch with our team and anyone who loves to join (some people strategically stop by around lunch hours). Taking a step back from your work and sitting down for good food and a conversation is the perfect way to refresh the brain and stimulate creativity.

In a workspace you need to be able to concentrate and feel at home at the same time.

Even though you operate largely from behind the scenes, you’re a steady force in Dutch fashion. Who or what are you keeping a close eye on at the moment?

We both have a large interest in all new developments regarding fashion and design. The academies and its students, both national and international, are always a great source of inspiration and a great way of observing the mentality of the future generation. Also, we find technical developments in (digital) communication and the ways of production really interesting. At the same time, we keep a close eye on how the interests of the press and media develop and change.


What’s the biggest challenge of running a PR agency?

Since we are very passionate about our work and always strive for the best quality of our work, we easily forget about the acquisition of potential new projects. Actually, we’d love to invest more time in this. On the other hand, we’ve never had to chase new clients. The work we deliver speaks for itself… 🙂

How would you capture yourself and what you do in a single phrase?

We’re a small-scale PR agency, advising and representing design-driven brands and projects.


What does your workspace mean to you?

Our workspace is a direct translation of our views on PR: clear and thorough, without frills or decoration. It’s a place where we should feel at home and be able to concentrate, present our clients, as well as eat and drink.


When it comes to interior, what’s important?

Since our office functions as a showroom too, we prefer to keep the interior quiet and non-descript to keep focus on the (fashion) collections of our clients. We have a very rudimental approach to our interior, taking away elements rather than adding things. We look for simple solutions, and ask ourselves “what is it we really need” before adding something to our interior. Versatility in objects is important too. For example, our display crates are a light source, mirror and display.


How would you describe the schoon den boer interior?

It’s minimal and simple, yet functional and warm. For example, our clients’ collections are presented in the simple wooden crates that are normally used to transport artworks in. They are easy to move around—creating a flexible interior, which we like.