Lisa Anne Stuyfzand

Lisa Anne Stuyfzand

Whether she’s shooting the latest ELLE cover or directing a subversive menswear story for an indie mag, the work of Lisa Anne Stuyfzand at all times seems to be right on point. According to Glamcult and Basematters, the world should know this stylist a lot better. Enough reason for a—lovely—chat with the Amsterdam-based creative. “I rather don’t walk straight down a path…”


For those who are unfamiliar with the great things you create: how did you become involved in fashion and styling?

During my studies at the art academy in Rotterdam I was an intern at CODE magazine and assisted the great stylists Venus Waterman and Maarten Spruyt. After graduating and winning the ELLE Style Award in 2010, I started working as a freelance stylist and editor for Dutch ELLE.


Can you try to capture yourself—and what you do on a daily basis—in a few words?

I work hard and I enjoy it a lot. I’m always looking for a considered conflict between the new and established, pushing forward and letting go. I rather don’t walk straight down a path. But the direction is often quite clear to me.

Musicians inspire me most in life

Which people inspire you most? Who’d be your dream person to style?

I wouldn’t mind a couple of bands to take care of. Music is my first love and I have an extremely weak spot for musicians. They inspire me the most in life.


You’re currently being featured in the Cityscapes campaign as someone who shapes her own creative environment. How does that apply to your house?

The collecting and editing (as in, where to put things and what to keep or chuck away) might be the creative part. I’m not sure whether my house looks that artistic, but it might feel free and vivid. I think it’s more about the atmosphere created by sound, smell, books, music and the amount of natural materials rather than the latest trendy coffee table or golden pineapple.

Is your home a breeding ground for great new ideas or rather a place of retreat?



What’s your favourite item in your home?

My books and music. They make me feel so rich and alive.


Besides spending a lot of time in the studio, what are some of your favourite hangouts in Amsterdam or elsewhere?

The beach and any terrace in the sun. And I have one favourite bar: Festina Lente. I used to work there and it was the first place in Amsterdam outside of my apartment where it felt like home.


Where would you like to see yourself five years from now?

I wouldn’t know… Healthy and happy. In California perhaps?