Daniel White

Daniel White

Designer Daniel White combines archetypical shapes (with humour) to create a new product. His starting points are always functionality and usability. His innovative products are meant to improve and colour our lives. A beautiful design is the result of an idea or concept rather than a goal in itself. Daniel doesn’t commit to one style or material, thus offering a wide selection of consumer goods, from kids toys, gadgets, interior products and furniture, to tents, clothing and cycling accessories.

My main objective is always usability with a touch of humour.

Daniel White’s world view is unique as he constantly derives ideas and possibilities to change and improve things from everyday situations. Inspiration comes to him while observing, looking at the world that surrounds him. This often leads to surprising choices of material, new functionalities and a very personal use of shape. Meanwhile, the main objective is always usability with a touch of humour.



Basematters presents from Daniel White the Rocking Bench.


The concept of the Rocking Bench goes back to a fair trade project in Ghana where Daniel White participated to launch products for kids to play together. The result is a combination of an interior product and child’s toy.