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Basematters on tour

Basematters will be attending several fairs. You’ll find us there.
When you wish to talk to one of our representatives: please call Tynke van den Heuvel on +31 6 21205032.
Don’t hesitate to call!READ MORE

Lisa Anne Stuyfzand

Whether she’s shooting the latest ELLE cover or directing a subversive menswear story for an indie mag, the work of Lisa Anne Stuyfzand at all times seems to be right on point.READ MORE

Schoon den Boer

For those working in The Netherlands’ fashion or design sector, the names of Jan Schoon and Martijn den Boer have a more than familiar ring.READ MORE

Sophie Bargmann

She worked for one-of-a-kind art gallery The House of ABABA, delves into contemporary art as a writer, and recently founded her own creative agency called gem. And that’s not even all.READ MORE

ALLT Studio

ALLT is the design studio of Peter Simonik and Elena Bolcekova from Bratislava, Slovakia. Peter and Elena’s designs all start with stories which often spring from a personal desire. READ MORE

Atelier ARI

In 2014, Paul van den Berg and Joyce de Grauw formed Atelier ARI. Based in Rotterdam, they are known for their no-nonsense approach of architecture and interior and project design.READ MORE

Atelier Goede Vrijdag

Among the three of them, the guys of Atelier Goede Vrijdag run one of the smallest cafés in Utrecht’s old city centre. Next to running Café Goede Vrijdag, Emiel, Jan Pieter and Jannick, have their own studios.READ MORE

Bram Oosterhuis’ Studio

Bram Oosterhuis is a designer without a distinctive style. His philosophy is to keep an open mind to constantly react on the world around him, and to shape and reshape his designs accordingly.READ MORE

Daniel White

Designer Daniel White combines archetypical shapes (with humour) to create a new product. His starting points are always functionality and usability. His innovative products are meant to improve and colour our lives.READ MORE

Jan Willem Campmans

Jan Willem Campmans’ work is free and multidisciplinary. Campmans connects extremes and creates contrasts; both conceptual and in choice of material. He likes to play with the perception of his work.READ MORE