Atelier Goede Vrijdag

Atelier Goede Vrijdag

Among the three of them, the guys of Atelier Goede Vrijdag run one of the smallest cafés in Utrecht’s old city centre. Next to running Café Goede Vrijdag, Emiel, Jan Pieter and Jannick, have their own studios. Emiel makes furniture and accessories based on architecture, Jan Pieter has designed his own mobile kitchen ‘De Krappe Hap’, and makes his appearance on many a summer festival, and Jannick and Pieter also work together on commission, designing, among other things, light boxes and mobile kitchens. Obviously, they did the entire design and interior of the cafe among the three of them:

“Because we needed furniture that would work in the limited and unusual space of Goede Vrijdag we designed our own wooden benches. From the start, the interior of Goede Vrijdag has been a joint effort where all three of us could apply our own talent and perspective.“

If we ask others to make something for us, they are relatively free to do whatever they like.

The designers of Atelier Goede Vrijdag can’t really say where they get their inspiration. “The places that inspire us most are not set in stone, but take shape over time.” Even for the cafe the three haven’t decided on one specific style. They regularly ask other (graphic) designers to design something for the café. “If we ask others to make something for us, they are relatively free to do whatever they like. This way, we now have a really nice neon artwork of our name and coffee-stamp cards.



Basematters discovered the wooden bench Goede Vrijdag in Café Goede Vrijdag in Utrecht. Together with the designers we fine-tuned the bench into a perfect sustainable wooden outdoor bench. The choice of Accoya wood makes the bench super low maintenance. The swelling and shrinking of the wood has been reduced to 80%, which means it will keep its colour and stay nice and light, even outdoors.