ALLT Studio

ALLT Studio

ALLT is the design studio of Peter Simonik and Elena Bolcekova from Bratislava, Slovakia. Peter and Elena’s designs all start with stories which often spring from a personal desire. Something they would like to have themselves. Their explanation: ‘ALLT’ means ‘all that’ we need.

'ALL THAT' we need

A key characteristic of Elena and Peter’s work and professional motivation is that they never add more than necessary. Their designs are always inspired by the chosen material.



Basematters presents exclusively from ALLT Studio the Cityscapes carpet.


Cityscapes is a tiled carpet which derives its isometric form from complex city views and uses a simple grey woolen felt as the material of choice. You can rearrange the tiles into various shapes and create symmetrical geometry as well as asymmetrical islands that bear resemblance to architectural building kit.